Coastal Luxury

At the initial design meeting for this waterfront home, our clients wanted a simple place to stay before fishing trips. After further conversations, the project grew into a home that would be more comfortable and functional for family vacations. The goal transformed into a substantial home that was designed appropriately to the surrounding coastal area, but also functional for their family and grandchildren. We chose a Mediterranean aesthetic to blend with the natural surroundings and provide sturdy protection against hurricanes. With such a pristine site to work with, all windows were positioned to capitalize on the views of the water that surround the home.



Chris Reebals, Mack Braden

Interior Design

Leigh Ann Harris


Kerry Kirk Photography


Orange Beach, FL

The property is centered around maximizing and enjoying the outdoors. The bottom floor is a complete garage with scuba gear, fishing equipment, and lawn games while the landscaping includes a grass volleyball court and hard tennis court with custom fencing. The dock beyond is cohesive in materiality and allows for the family to be on the water in a moments notice.

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